leah-27Leah here. I’m a thirty-something student finishing up my Bachelor’s of arts in International Studies with a minor in Journalism.

I spent several years in my twenties traveling the world where I fell in love with different cultures and new experiences.

I’m also an avid hiker and cyclist. I bought my first legit road bike last year and I am smitten!

I’m a voracious reader, especially biographies and anything about Africa.

I also enjoy throwing dinner parties/game nights where my friends and I cook up all sorts of exotic foods and make a total mess of the kitchen!

Since I’m currently settled in one place, I’m on a constant quest to find adventures that remind me of the exhilaration of traveling. This often happens through my taste buds.

Drinking fresh coconut juice with a little breeze floating through my balcony door on a warmish winter evening can almost convince me I’m back on the white sands of Jamaica.

I would be delighted if you would join me on my quest for unusual edibles at restaurants in the Evansville, IN area or whipped up in my own little kitchen.