Kanpai and Chuck Norris

9 Apr

Kanpai Sushi and Asian Bistro has long been my favorite restaurant here in Evansville to get my sushi fix.

048I was delighted when Kathryn Russell, assistant manager at Kanpai, agreed to let me interview her. I knew it was going to be great!

I have loved Kanpai’s sushi for years, especially the S.O.B. roll.

The happy marriage of tuna, cilantro, onions, jalapeno, spicy mayo and lime makes my tastebuds dance!

After making the slideshow, Kathryn generously let me sample all the dishes we had photographed.

While all the food was delicious, the Seared Ahi Tuna simply blew me away!

017Something about the combination of the delicate tuna, the crunchy cabbage slaw, the flavorful dressing…I do not have words to describe the deliciousness!

Now I’ll have even more trouble deciding what to order…oh the dilemmas!

Kanpai also has some of the most creative and delicious desserts in town, including Banana Wontons and Raspberry or Cookie Dough Eggrolls.

I usually don’t order dessert out unless it’s super delicious, and I’ve ordered these several times.

Besides their wonderful food, I also adore the atmosphere at the Bistro, especially on Wednesday nights when they feature local musicians like Monte Skelton and Zion.

012  031

As for the Chuck Norris reference? You’ll have to watch the slideshow 🙂


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