Fruit Dating

31 Mar

Carambola_fruit[1]Have you ever wished your food could be as adorable as it is delicious? I mean, I’m talking food that just makes you want to put your hand over your heart and croon “Awwwwww…”

If you, like me, appreciate cute food, I have the perfect little gem for you: Starfruit, aka carambola.

Here’s a picture of the little guys from the side, the top, and sliced.

See, I told you. Adorbs, right?

It’s extremely juicy, and has a mild, sweet flavor. Besides all that, it is good for you, too!

006Now I thought of several catchy titles for this post: “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star(fruit),” “Carambola Cutie,” and “The Perfect Catch.” I finally decided on the title “Fruit Dating” for two reasons.

1. It was weirder and therefore catchier.

2. If fruit dated each other, starfruit would be the perfect catch, the whole package, just like the beauty with brains or the guy who is both strong and sensitive. (Don’t fret. I’m perfectly aware that I have a quirky imagination!)

Cute, delicious, nutritious…what more could you want out of a snack?

Here’s a photo of some  starfruit I bought in Philly (I just couldn’t pass it up).

I accidentally let it get a little overripe, but it is still amazingly attractive. Just like the beauty with brains or the strong, sensitive guy when they have aged a bit. A little brown around the edges, but still worth having around! 😉


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