Cafe Arazu and Magnificent Mulligatawny!

18 Mar


Last week, a friend and I went to lunch at Cafe Arazu to celebrate my birthday. The Cafe serves a variety of Middle Eastern cuisine.

This adorable Newburgh restaurant is as delicious as it is charming. Set in the heart of downtown Newburgh, the Cafe is surrounded by all sorts of quant little shops and boutiques.

I had eaten at Cafe Arazu several years ago and remember enjoying it. I am not sure why it has taken me so long to return!


The soup of the day, mulligatawny, was a creamy, filling stew of chicken, rice, and vegetables.

It tasted strongly and wonderfully of curry and was topped with chopped green apple and herbs. It was one of the most delicious soups I have had in a long time and I’m already craving it again!

We also ordered the Morroccan Red Lentil Soup, a tomato-based combination of  lentils, chickpeas, herbs, and eastern spices. It was lighter than the mulligatawny and also extremely delicious.


Curry Chicken Salad on a toasted croissant rounded out our meal. The buttery croissant definitely made this an above-average chicken salad sandwich.

Besides the amazing food (as if that weren’t enough!), Cafe Arazu also has a cozy, international-feeling interior. Sequined tapestries line the walls. Interesting vases are scattered throughout. There are even some fun little items for sale at the entrance to the restaurant.


I can’t wait for warm weather when we can eat outside on the restaurant’s extensive patio, overlooking the river. The restaurant looks especially pretty when the patio is all lit up on balmy summer nights and music from a live band is floating on the breeze.

This delightful restaurant is definitely worth your time and money! Check it out sometime…


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